30th September 1915

At sea. Fine weather. Had a scrimmage with one of our invalids this dinner-time. He is supposed to be suffering from physical and mental debility, but I think the cause of his being invalided is because he is useless to the Navy. He has given trouble since he came on board, wouldn’t do anything he was told to and said he had finished with the Service and didn’t intend to do anything until he had been discharged. He is a R. N. Reserve stoker.

He misbehaved himself this morning and for punishment was told to remain in the Sick Bay and not go on deck for a smoke. After he had had dinner he took up his hat and made tracks for the door. I saw his movements and reminded him that he was not to go out of the Bay. He replied “I say I can and you won’t stop me”. I went over to him and assisted him to find a resting place on a seat. He struggled, but I was just a little quicker and stronger than he. He wanted me to strike him but I didn’t do so, for I knew what the consequence would be.

He afterwards was insolent to the S. B. S. who promptly took him before the Officer-of-the-watch, that officer after hearing the Steward’s report, had the man put in the Commander’s report. This man will find that the Service has not finished with him if he gives further trouble, in fact his ultimate discharge may be postponed when he is found out to be a malingerer – which he certainly is.

He is supposed to suffer from sea-sickness – but it is only when a job of work is in sight. He can eat, sleep and smoke but work – nothing doing. A darn good flogging would do him most good I think. He is what is known in Service terms as a “bird”, and he’ll be a gaol one I’m thinking if he isn’t careful.

Clock put on 20 minutes.

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