25th April 1916

Left for sea at 3-30 a.m. All ships out. Signal received at 8 a.m. stating that German ships had bombarded Lowestoft at 4-30 a.m. and were last seen steaming northward. A later signal from Lowestoft states that there were 4 battle-cruisers, some light cruisers, torpedo boat destroyers and a troopship. Wireless message received from Admiral Beatty at 8-30 a.m. states that he has sighted German ships 22 miles South West of him and he is in chase. Commodore Tyrwhitt is also in touch with the enemy.

We are steaming south-east very fast. At action stations during forenoon.

Eventually the Germans were between our two forces and on Beatty sending a signal to us for transmission the germans tried to stop the message by “jamming” the wireless, but the message was got through alright. I understand that the 5th Battle Squadron (Warspite, Queen Elizabeth, Valiant, Canada, Malaya) have sighted some German ships near Heligoland.

No further reports received from Beatty since 8-30 a.m.

Germans have been “jamming” the wireless all day.

Latest report states that the Germans have been driven into neutral waters near Terschelling (Frisian Isles).

We started for Queensferry at 1 p.m. Met and passed the 3rd B. S. Arrived at 9-55 p.m. Commenced coaling.

Received letters from you and Ma.

Latest signal received from Beatty says “Shall arrive Queensferry 3 a.m. to coal”. So I’m afraid he has lost the “baby killers”. Cruel luck again.

I expect the public are saying “Where was our Silent Navy?”

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