24th May 1916

At Sheerness. Fine day. Went ashore 1 p.m. had a long walk; a ride in a tram (and a talk with the conductress). Arriving back in the town decided to go to the “Hippodrome” where a concert by the R. G. A. String band and some vocalists was being given for the benefit of the R. A. Comforts Fund. I am glad that I went for it was splendid, some hard compositions being rendered excellently. Quite a change to be able to attend such a performance. Left “Hippodrome” 4-50 p.m. and went to a place for tea.

After tea went and found my Cousin Fred, a pleasant meeting you may guess. He finished his work, cleaned and then went for a walk with me. We chatted about various matters – service and otherwise. He gave me a rather poor opinion of Gilbert Wilson, and told me what a South African told him who knew Alice’s husband. Fred tells me that the bills for the marriage have not been paid yet, rather fishy in consequence of all the money he is supposed to have. Fred says he has been told that G. W. was dismissed from the Service. These and other topics filled up the time until 6-45 p.m. when I had to leave him and return to the boat. I arrived on board at 7-30 p.m. rather glad too I may say for there were several drunken bounders in the boat and of course such people are a nuisance.

Am glad I saw old Fred anyhow, but he has altered considerably in appearance since I last saw, being much thinner and older looking, but seems to enjoy good health. He is billeted with several others in a Bethel Chapel which is also doing duty as a Quartermaster’s store, accoutrements of all kinds being kept there. Fred also plays in the K. R. R’s band, and when he left me he was going to the Barracks to play to the officers whilst at dinner.

Wrote to Mother this evening.

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