26th May 1916

At Sheerness. Fine day. General Quarters this a.m.

We have no sick – such being the result of leave being given.

S. B. S. went ashore hoping to meet his wife, but she was not due to arrive until 6-10 p.m. As he had to be on board at 6 p.m. he could not meet her. The M. A. A’s wife is going to meet her and see her to the apartments that this lady managed to procure for her. There were together at Blackness, so are companions in these strange parts. The S. B. S. came on board rather disappointed.

Wrote to you this afternoon. Received a letter from you.

Not so much aerial activity today, altho’ the conditions have been grand.

Some medical stores arrived this evening. They have been on the way from “Chats” (Chatham) for 14 days, having been sent to Rosyth just before we arrived here.

5 p.m. HMS Chatham passed down on her way out to sea after recommissioning at Chatham.

8-30 p.m. Signal by wireless taken in from Chatham states “Struck by mine at 8-30 p.m.” A light-cruiser somewhere outside has answered S.O.S. call and signals “Coming to your assistance”. The Commander-in-Chief has also signalled “Am sending torpedo-boat-destroyers to you immediately”. I do not think the Chatham can be far out to sea and must have struck the mine not far from the Thames Estuary. It seems hard to believe that this vessel which passed us this evening is now in danger of sinking. I do hope this ship will be able to make port alright, or even if all the crew are saved it will be less of a disaster. This ship was at Gib. with us in 1913.

Signal came tonight from Admiralty saying “Regarding leave to Blackpool, Lancashire, Warrington, Glamorgan, on account of smallpox there is no need to stop leave to any district at present provided medical officer assures himself that all men are protected by vaccination or re-vaccination. Men who from any cause are not so protected should not be allowed on leave to any infected district”. An order has been placed on the Notice Board for all men going to¬† the districts under mention to report themselves at the Sick Bay. They are rolling up.

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