30th May 1916

At Sheerness. Dull weather.

Received letters from Mother and Aunt Nina. Received pat of butter from Aunt Nina. Wrote to Mother.

3-30 p.m. Preparations for coaling were being made, but have been stopped again and we are getting ready to go out to the “Swim”.

The Recall Flag (Blue Ensign) has been put up to the masthead, and a blast of 30 secs. duration made on the syren. This is to warn men on shore to return to the Pier with all haste.

6-30 p.m. Admiral Browning from the Antrim has come aboard to take charge of the two ships. He will remain on board until the Antrim completes her refit.

8 p.m. Left Sheerness.

9-40 p.m. Arrived at the “Swim”. The signal for us to proceed to this place came rather unexpectedly, and we are at a loss to understand the urgency attached to such a short trip.

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