1st June 1916

“Somewhere off the Thames”. Heard early this morning that an action between light cruisers and destroyers had been fought off Scapa Flow. Also that the Warspite has been mined. Should not be surprised if there has been an action in Northern waters, our movements seem to point to that. A continuous stream of ships have been passing up and down this morning. Also some small “reepers” went out.

11-15 a.m. Received a letter from Judy – written yesterday – brought out by torpedo boat with mails of other ships.

11-30 a.m. Got under way again, and proceeded up the Thames.

1-40 p.m. Anchored in the “Swim”. Was informed this evening that besides the Warspite being damaged, the Warrior and Lightfoot are also damaged. One of the decoding staff told me this, aso that several messages had come through from other ships, who were apparently scattered and trying to find one another again. There seems to have been an action anyhow, somewhere about the Belgian coast and further north.

6-30 – 9 p.m.  Coaled ship.

Weather has changed and it is quite stormy and not too warm.

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