2nd June 1916

At the “Swim”. Fine weather and quite a contrast to that of yesterday.

T. B. brought out mails etc this morning, seemed surprised to hear that we had – or rather the fellows who went over, such as the postman and butcher – not heard about the big action. The men in the T. B. state that the rumour on shore is to the effect that 2 German battle-cruisers, 3 light cruisers and 10 destroyers have been sunk. This is impossible news I’m sure, because if there had been such a victory the Admiralty would soon have announced it , and we should have been informed too. There is nothing about an action in the paper this morning so I do not think we have won a great victory. From what I hear about the big ships having sent in demands for large numbers of 13.5″ and 15″ shells, I am inclined to think a bombardment of the Belgian or German coast has taken place. This would also explain the mining of the Warspite and the damage donr to other ships, also the destroyer action.

11-30 a.m. Left for Sheerness, arriving in harbour at 1 p.m. Leave given from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m.

I have heard that, after being towed for 20 hours, the Warrior had to be abandoned.

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