4th June 1916

At Sheerness. Rough and rainy.

Captain went “rounds”. I attended Morning Service and, afterwards, Holy Communion.

The papers contain several accounts of the “Great Battle”. There is a small account about Admiral Beatty having been saved, but it is not official. The Germans seem to have lost more ships than at first thought, also subs. and Zeps.

The only person in the Warrior not saved was the Carpenter in the Prince George when I was serving in her. It is remarkable but a large percentage of men who have left this ship at various times, have met their doom during various operations. Several of them were serving in the lost ship of this last action. Others have met their death or been captured in the Monmouth, at Antwerp, in the Dardanelles, East Africa, captured by the Moewe from a merchant vessel, etc, etc.

3-30 p.m. Antrim came down from Chatham and moored. Coaled.

Wrote to Marion.

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