21st June 1916

At Chatham. George Bond came over during dinner-hour. He is watch ashore tonight and wanted to know if I could go with him. As we are shifting down to Sheerness tonight, all hopes of further leave are blighted. Glad George came however, because I had a letter written to you which I so much wanted to get away. He will post it tonight. George had to return on board by 1 p.m. so I bade him goodbye. Should have liked to have gone ashore with him again.

Wrote to Jude this afternoon.

4-30 p.m. Ship taken out of dock and towed to Sheerness. I expect poor old George will feel a bit sad now our meetings have been stopped. Coaled ship as soon as ship was tied up to a buoy. Glad I got that letter away to you. Have been thinking over the happenings of last Wednesday. Still feeling a bit sad, and I suppose you are. Could do with a letter from you.

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