22nd June 1916

At Chatham [Sheerness?]. Ammunitioning ship all day. S. B. S. got leave to go ashore until 7 p.m Wrote to Eth. Rather disappointed at not getting a letter from you. Have felt very miserable and a  letter would have worked wonders, but I suppose you are working again and rather too busy.

We leave here early in the morning for somewhere North. A German sub. was captured today rather nearly outside. Our seaplanes have been watching her for some time coming to lay mines. There is a lightship at the entrance of the Thames and this sub. has been in the habit of taking her bearings by this vessel and then submerging to lay mines in the track of shipping. Needless to say the mines have soon been swept up again and no damage done. To try and capture the sub. was the harder job. The lightship was moved one night to a place near a sandbank. Along comes the sub. again, is spotted by our seaplanes and watched. As per usual the sub. having fixed her position by the lightship, “dipped” and made for her usual “hunting ground” quite unsuspectingly. Shortly after Mr. Submarine was hopelessly aground on a sandbank, and being surrounded by patrol boats had no other option but to surrender. The boat was taken intact and now lies in Sheerness dockyard. An investigation into the means by which these subs. lay their mines will now be able to be made, altho’ I think we have already got minelaying subs ourselves. Rather neat capture though.

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