28th July 1916

At Scapa. Boxing competitions have been held on a ship used for entertainment purposes and for the occasion moored alongside the Monarch. The competitors came from all ships – we sent three – and this afternoon 50 men from each ship was allowed to go and see the boxing and presentation of prizes. I should have gone but wanted to get a letter away to Ma, so stopped behind and wrote it. Two of the S. B. A’s went, and returned on board at 7 p.m. They had a most enjoyable time and were entertained to tea by the S. B. Staff of the Monarch.

I am told by our S. B. A’s that amongst the big ships our cruisers are called “death traps”, the men say they would not care to be in these ships – rather cheerful isn’t it? But it is true to some extent for altho’ a big ship is much safer she is not invulnerable, as the loss in big ships in the last action proved.

Our new M. O. has been appointed, he is Fleet Surgeon Roach. He served aboard the Devonshire some little time ago, and had a very good name then, so we hope he is still a good sort of chap.

It may be of interest to note we are laying near to the famous “Queen Lizzie” at present.

Saw a very large submarine today – a new one doing her trials.

Went to Cinema show from 9 to 11 p.m. Quite a change, first time for about three months. Bunny was in one of the pictures. Two boxing pictures and two comics made up a good programme.

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