23rd September 1916

At Halifax. Antrim arrived in early this morning. The liner Lapland also came in and moored up to a jetty. She is taking over troops to England. There is a rumour that we are going to escort her over. The Drake and other ships often had the job, so it is possible there is truth in the rumour, altho’ I don’t particularly want the trip. The fg-bell was going most of the night and this morning, and sleep was a difficult job. This afternoon I wrote letters to you, Jude and Ma. Am taking yours tonight when I go for a run.

11 p.m. Have returned from shore. Went at 4-30 p.m. – met one of the S. B. A’s at the Khaki Club – as he went ashore at 1-30 p.m. Then went for a stroll, which took us along the main street (Pleasant St.) into Woolworth’s shop (where we walked around and bought nothing altho’ I nearly bought a birthday card for you but the selection hardly met my requirements). Made enquiries about a Goss china agent and being informed where to go we set out to find the shop, but had not succeeded when 7 p.m. came. I went into a shop and got a card to send to you, also bought one of the “Fragments from France” (Bairnsfather’s sketches). Not being able to find the shop mentioned, we decided to go into a picture place. Went into the “Imperial”. A nice place this – about the size of the Belgrave, only with a balcony. We had the front seat upstairs, and behind us sat some Canadian soldiers who had brought some peanuts with them and made their presence known very forcibly in consequence – oh! those nuts do smell.

Now to the pictures. First, came the Universal Topical Features, showing various kinds of hand grenades, bombs, etc, also the destruction they do. Also trench mortars, their methods of firing, etc. This was a clear and interesting film. Next came a serial picture called “The Hazards of Helen”, featuring a girl equal to Elaine for nerve. This girl drops off a bridge on to a train passing beneath, and carries out other equally thrilling actions. Thirdly, was a film featuring India, its scenery, princes, sports, etc. Very interesting – especially the dancing girls, altho’ I didn’t go much on their dancing or beauty. So don’t get jealous.

A drama followed entitled “Cheque 130”. Fairly good. A Keystone Triangle Picture followed featuring Charlie’s old “enemy”, his wife and a darling kiddy. This was a grand picture and the boy kept the place in roars by his antics. The dear kid gets some bumps but enjoys the fun and is a splendid little comedian. I think him just as good to watch as Charlie. I should like you to see this and the other Triangle pictures featuring the boy. This ended the show.

The pictures following right after one another without a stop throughout the performance, so that the show lasts about an hour. Two machines are kept going. When one comes to think of this idea, it is certainly a cute business one since more shows can be given in an evening, than that which exists at home.

After this we went to the Khaki Club, the S. B. A. writing a letter there, and I put your card into the letter I wrote this afternoon and sealed it up, posting it later on. Had supper, and as the time was then nearly 10 p.m. we walked back to catch the boat. It was raining and blowing too, and of course we had no macs. Altho’ when I came ashore I didn’t like the look of the sky and thought of taking a mac; if I had taken a mac it would not have rained I suppose.

On the landing-place I saw a tablet amongst the cobbles which I had not observed before. On it is inscribed:- “Prince of Wales landed here on July 30th 1860”. Rather an interesting memento of the visit of our late King.

Must now get to bed, the others are already asleep.

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