24th September 1916

(Sunday) At Halifax. Captain went “rounds”. The second S. B. S. of the Antrim came aboard this morning for the Roman Catholic Service. I recognised him immediately as a young fellow who was a probationer in the R. N. H. when I was in the Lab. I last saw him about 4 years ago at Lambash when he was on the Hospital Ship Maine. I certainly did not expect to meet him out here.

I went to Morning Service and Holy Communion. The Chaplain delivered quite a good sermon today and one which “went home” in many of the fellows who are rather gay, and who get a ship and her crew – good or bad – a bad name on shore.

The mail for England leaves today a signal informs us. All letters had to be posted on board by 5 p.m. Thank goodness I have answered those I received and have written others as well, so now I am happy.

S. B. S. has gone ashore this evening. A Cunard liner came in at 8 p.m. She went alongside jetty to take aboard troops.

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