27th September 1916

At Sea. Left Halifax at 7 a.m. with 5 transports – Lapland, Southland, Laconia, Corsican, Tuscania. I was awakened by the men cheering quite early and on getting out to see what was doing, I witnessed the departure from the jetty of two of the transports. Our Commander led the cheers, which were returned by the troops. Our band also played appropriate music.

Just after leaving Halifax I saw a peculiar looking vessel in tow of a tug. I called the attention of the other fellows to it and spoke of its appearance as like the old Spanish Galleons. Later I was informed it was the Santa Maria, a copy of the ship Columbus sailed on his voyage of discovery in. She is an exhibition ship at present on her way to R. St Lawrence.

A notice was put up on the board soon after our departure, stating that we should escort the transports across the Atlantic, then leave them (in charge of destroyers I suppose) and proceed to Greenock to coal, leaving there again after 48 hours. Captain informed the men later that those living at Greenock or having friends there could apply for leave and it would be granted if the Admiral in charge of the Clyde would grant it. I have thought of Jude and how grand it would be if I could see her. I shall have a try if possible, altho’ I have no idea what her address is.

Went to Cinema this evening and saw for the first time “Champion Charlie”, this is very funny indeed and Charles works hard. The other pictures were good viz:- “The Fisherboy’s Faith” (drama), “Some Nerve” (comic), “Diverging Paths” (drama), “Fall of Carency” (War picture).

And so ends another book.

P.S. At G. Q’s this a.m. had to get a “wounded” man out of Stokehold – “some” job.

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