28th September 1916

At Sea. Clock put on half an hour during night – this is where we lose sleep. Still ploughing along at 12 or 13 knots, ahead of the transports. Fog signalling was carried out during the morning with the ships.

Still going strong at dentistry. My victim today was the Ship’s Corporal belonging to Meavy, who you will remember I waved to when we were coming back from Burrator and Sheepstor last month. Neither of us thought then that we should be so positioned.

Had a shock this morning, which made me switch on my thoughts to you at Plymouth. Someone came in and said that the Zeps. had been at Plymouth, the Poldhu stated. I was all attention and as soon as possible consulted the Poldhu telegram myself. I was relieved to find that it was Portsmouth not Plymouth which Berlin claimed as having raided. Plymouth could be raided I only too well know, but the Zeps. would have a long way to go and many dangers to pass through coming and going. Still I was given cause to think furiously of you and I was relieved when found that after all Plymouth was still “exempt” from Zep. visitations.

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