21st October 1916

At Liverpool. A rumour started this morning about going to sea today, but several men put in for week-end leave in spite of this. The Commander would not see them, and stated that there would be no leave. The stokers were sent down to “light up” and get ready for sea, so it looked as if we were off alright. However, everything was again cancelled and officers and p. o’s who have their wives here were allowed to go ashore until 10 p.m. I hear now (8 p.m.) that we shall go out during the night. I have visited the Chaplain but he does not seem to know anything.

The cinema was held tonight so I went out to see the “show”. The pictures were very fair, the best one in my way of thinking being a Bison “100” entitled “Guerilla warfare”. It was very cold though and I did not remain to the end.

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