27th December 1916

At Kingston. “Mail will close at noon tomorrow” reads a notice placed on the board. I must get busy with my letters and photos for you folks. Rumours of the arrival on a mail were current today, but the steamer which came in did not bring anything so nice for us.

A new routine (tropical routine) commenced today. The hands turn out at 5 a.m. and perform drills and evolutions. Each morning a bathing party consisting of one of the branches – stokers this morning – goes into a small bay near Kingston. The water is shallow there and considered safe from sharks. This routine gives the men two hours for dinner. A bathing party went in this evening but as I had to get some photographs done I did not go, so much as I wanted to.

Wrote to Mother tonight. I was going to do so for you but unexpected circumstances prevailed and so I must get up early in the morning and do it.

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