31st December 1916

(Sunday) At Kingston. Captain went “Rounds”. Went to Morning Service on Quarter Deck. Afterwards went to Communion.

I am watch aboard tonight and being on duty prevented me from attending Evening Service at 6 p.m. Turned in at 10-15 p.m. Was just dozing off when I heard someone shout “There it is” and at the same time I noted that 12 bells were struck, followed by a most terrible crash of falling pots, pans and dishes, then by cheers and someone rushing around with a motor horn. I also distinguished cheers and shouts on shore and the syren of a steamer.

All this being the methods adopted of seeing the Old Year out. I did not stay awake longer than to wonder what the New Year contained for us all – one hopes above all Peace.

[A crocodile was brought on board by a fisherman this dinnertime. It was bought for 6/- by the same stoker that bought the tarpon yesterday. He had to take it on shore this evening as it is too dangerous a “pet” to have on board.]

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