28th February 1917

At Kingston. The parcel of last night’s preparing was addressed by a strange hand this morning and given to the orderly to take to Miss B’s house. The orderly happens to be one of the fellows who occasionally goes to Miss B’s. He delivered the parcel and was present when it was opened. He was straightaway blamed for having something to do with it, but on protesting (rightly so) the blame was placed to the credit of we three “boys” who were on board last night.

Later in the morning “postie” paid “Ginger” his usual call and was, of course, seized upon as one of the guilty three. He is one of those straight-faced individuals though, and made out that he knew nothing about the parcel. However, “Ginger” and “Auntie” were convinced he was “in the swim”, and we other two are also judged “guilty”. We are awaiting our Fate, and no doubt we shall get something in return, trust “Ginger” and her Aunt to see to that.

I am watch aboard tonight. A liner came in this evening with passengers (mostly women and children) on board. I am told she is bound for England from Australia. We hoped a mail would come but there is nothing doing. Wrote to Aunt Nina.

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