25th March 1917

At Bermuda. Owing to Captain being away for week-end with Mr. Cochran as guests of the C-in-C, no “Rounds” took place today. Morning Service was held but I did not attend. This afternoon it rained heavily. The weather now seems to be fine, and then cold and dull, on alternate days, no two days are alike. Yesterday was a lovely day, today it is cold, rough and dull.

This evening with two others I attended the Dockyard Church. The Church is situated in an upper store of a store-house. It is the representative Church for Ireland Island and is attended by civilians as well as members of the Service. The organist is a young girl, but her age is no detriment to her abilities it seems, for she is a fine player. There is a small but efficient choir. The officiating clergyman was the Chaplain of the Donegal. He chose a text from 2th Chap. Revelations – “There shall be no Sea”. He pointed out the meaning of these words as touching on our days and the present situation. The whole Service was most enjoyable.

I had an invitation to the Sick Qtrs, R. N. Barracks for this afternoon, but quite forgot all about it until this evening. The S. B. S. asked me a few days ago to come and spend the afternoon with him.

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