27th March 1917

At Bermuda. Letters dated March 11th reached us from our friends at Kingston today. I should like you to read these messages they are so full of humour and splendidly put together. They wish us back again for they have had a very quiet time since we left. More than ever do they wish us there owing to the fact that an order has been issued stopping women and children sailing from British Ports. They were to have sailed on the 25th Mar, but whether they did so remains to be seen.

I have written to you and Jude today in readiness for the next mail, and which I hear goes on Friday 30th March.

A short time ago the sum of £13 was sent to this ship by the secretary of a Good Templars’ Lodge in the County of Roxburgh, Scotland. This money has been used in the purchasing of football gear for the rugby and association teams. Our ship continues to hold its own in the various sports indulged in here.

I am watch ashore today so this evening at 8-30 p.m. went out for a stroll with two other fellows. We went around the Island twice and then returned aboard at 10 p.m. It is very fine in the nice cool of eventide to have a stroll and gives one such a “nice appetite for bed”.

10-30 p.m. A man fell overboard from a picket boat just now but was rescued by a shipmate.

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