29th April 1917

At Bermuda. There was no Church Parade after the Captain’s Rounds today, the Service being held on board. Through having some medicine to dispense at the time I missed the Morning Service, but went to Holy Communion afterwards.

The dockyardsmen have been working all the day, and those working on the wireless finished up at 10-15 p.m. Some of the men were taken off this job suddenly about 8 p.m. and sent off to the Devil’s Head Wireless Station – the principle station on these Islands – where a breakdown had occurred and needed urgent repair.

Rumours are still numerous and varied and at times it is really amusing to hear some people’s “confidential knowledge”. One man will come along and assure you that it is definite that we are going to England. Five minutes later another fellow will tell you that Kingston is our next port of call. We exist on such “buzzs” these days – for want of something else. I am watch on board today so have not been able to go ashore to Church. Our Chaplain is preaching in the Dockyard Church tonight.

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