30th April 1917

At Bermuda. The ship was taken out of the basin at 8 a.m. and is now at anchor in Shelley Bay, a short distance out from the Dockyard. Firing exercises are to be carried out during the week out here.

The Bermudian and another steamer arrived today but neither of them brought mails for us. The Berwick went to sea this morning. It is a sudden change to be out here with no leave or sport after so much of both during the past seven weeks.

I wrote to Ma this afternoon in case a mail leaves during the next day or so.

11-30 p.m. Had gone to bed and was just dozing off when the S. B. S. shouted out to me. I awoke and answered him and asked what he wanted. He then told me about a signal that had just been brought in stating “Steam to be raised for 12 knots by daybreak and stand by at 3 hours notice to proceed to sea. Munday S. B. A.  and two men at the Canteen are to be fetched at 6-45 a.m.” I suppose this news is a sequel to that I heard about tonight with regard to a raider being in the Atlantic – a steamer disguised as a sailing vessel. More patrolling now I expect!

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