23rd June 1917

At Halifax. A large liner filled with troops left one of the jetties amid cheers this afternoon. On the other side of the jetty lay the H. S. Monarch disembarking the invalids she had brought from England – what a great contrast.

Coaling was finished this morning. Some more letters were served out after dinner. I had 12 altogether, 4 from you, 2 from Jude, 4 from Ma, and 2 from “Auntie” and “Ginger” of Kingston, Jamaica. Some mail, eh? It has taken me nearly all the afternoon to wade through the correspondence. I understand we are leaving here for England on Monday, so it is hardly worth while answering your letters – I much prefer to do so verbally.

Leave has been given from 4-30 p.m. to 10 p.m. I am not going ashore. Everyone is after sugar from ashore, the Canteen Manager taking orders yesterday and today for 17 cwts. I have ordered 10lbs to take home.

I have written to “Auntie” today.

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