28th July 1917

At Devonport. Jude’s baby. Returned off leave at 9 a.m. The ship is in a “lovely condition” what with the dockyardsmen at work, coaling and ammunitioning ship, and men joining and leaving the ship, all going on at the same time. It was not much of a ship to return to I can assure you.

On reaching the Sick Bay other nice things came to light. Although I left the Sick Bay locked and secure (as I thought) it seems as if marauders have been at work, for all the sugar we brought home has been stolen, also the tea and sugar from the mess tin, tobacco and cigarettes have been taken from our lockers. No doubt the work of the care and maintenance party.

A S. B. Reserve attendant has joined the ship, for what reason no one here seems to know. My photography chum is leaving, also several other men, but up to now I am not.

Rumours in galore are going about with regards to the ship’s movements. Some say we are leaving tonight, others quote Wednesday as the day of departure. I hardly fancy the ship will be ready to go to sea tonight.

The ship is to be moved tonight at 6 p.m. to the North Yard so I think I will get ashore now that leave has been granted to men not coaling before the ship leaves this jetty.

5 p.m. Am going ashore until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning.

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