10th August 1915

At Hebburn. This morning my thoughts went back to last Tuesday morning and the fun we had whilst doing the washing. I expect you thought of the same thing today, and I wonder if Judy remembered my words of last week – “You will miss me next Monday when you do the washing”. I expect she had the help of George either practically or by providing amusement for Judy whilst she was doing the washing. I am wear4ing the trousers that you helped to wring out last week – rather thoughtful isn’t it?

This afternoon we were visited by a very severe thunder and hail storm. The weather has not been very nice since I returned and is rather depressing. Hope we shall have better weather when we start patrolling the North Sea again, for I’m not a bit happy over the job that has been made of the fore part. The watertight compartments which had to be rebuilt have been tested by filling them with water and they have been found to leak at certain points. This is not very encouraging in view of the fact that apart from the chance of collision, being hit again by a torpedo or mine in the same place, there are the heavy winter seas to think of which cause a big strain of the fore part of a ship. I don’t think any of us will feel so sure of the old ship as we did before – more so since a “patched up” job seems to have been made. However, let’s hope the old boat will still be able to do her bit if occasion arises.

I understand we are to go out of dock tomorrow and go alongside a jetty near here to have one of the 7.5″ guns taken out as it has been condemned. Another gun will be put in its place immediately after. I don’t think we shall be much longer in the “Tyne” but will return to our old haunts in the “Forth”.

I wrote two long letters to my cousins Net and Fred this afternoon.

I thought of our walk to Miss Hocken’s last Tuesday afternoon and I remembered the look of displeasure you gave me when I came down into the shop again after visiting Mrs. Hocken. I was sorry after that I kept you waiting so long dear, but I did not know that you were alone. I think my “angel’s visits” to Mrs. H. had something to do with the old lady’s recovery. I hope so anyhow.

Well dear it is 9-30 p.m. and last Tuesday night this time we were just about finding out that we had taken the wrong road for Pennycross. What a race we had to get home that night. My heart went down in my boots I think when I heard 10 p.m. strike by the Barracks clock. Your Mother was too amused at our predicament I think to be angry with us. Anyhow she took it better than I thought she would have done. Wouldn’t mind being in the same situation tonight dear and chance the consequences.

Well I must now make up the sick list and other books and then to bed.

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