20th August 1916

(Sunday) At Devonport. Returned on board this morning feeling much happier than yesterday morning, because I have carried out my promise and so now we are engaged.

I went home in a “blue” mood yesterday and Mother guessed right away why it was. She set about getting me the money and said with Jude would go with me to choose the ring. So off we went to Word’s, and having purchased the requisite piece of jewellery, I left Ma and Jude for your home. Ma’s parting words were “Good Luck, Dick”.

It is hardly necessary for me to describe the events hereafter since you were a witness to them. Suffice it to write that I was a new man with the knowledge that I could undo that disappointment and make you so happy. Your happiness, so apparent, was more than a reward to me. I was glad to get the ceremony over, and was glad that your Ma and Pa both took matters so quietly; made matters so much easier.

There is yet hopes of seeing you again Mabs. since I am informed that we shall not be leaving until Tuesday or Wednesday. I am looking forward to going to Church with you tonight.

19 tons of coal were taken in this a.m.

1 p.m. S. B. S. has gone ashore. I could go now but have let S. B. A. Munday go ashore to see his lady until 5 p.m. I shall pop off then if all’s well.

5 p.m. I have spent the afternoon writing to you and George Bond. Wrote a letter to you to read next Sunday – to break the monotony a bit until I can write to you from Halifax.

The S. B. A. has returned and I was caught napping for I had no idea it was so late. Well, hope to see you at No. 82.

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