11th August 1915

At Hebburn. This is the day we ought to have gone out of dock. But owing to a delay in fixing on a part over the stem we shall not be finished in time to go out on the high tide, so we shall have to wait another 24 hours. I’m not sorry.

The dock was flooded this afternoon to see if the ship was leaking anywhere under the pressure. Apparently all is well with the ship at present, but a rough sea is the surest test, and I expect we shall have plenty of them bye and bye.

I had a letter from Mother at dinner-time and as you ought to have received your letter on Monday at the same time as she did, I don’t suppose I shall have to wait very longfor yours, I hope not anyhow.

Mother says “Mabel is looking better than she did on Saturday, she looked rather down in the dumps and I was rather sorry I could not go to Church with her on Sunday, Aunt Jane being here of course, and altho’ Charlie had the week-end he couldn’t go to Church as he had to be on board by 8-30, so poor Mabel had to go alone”. I don’t expect you liked going by yourself, but apart from your religious thoughts I expect you also went for sentimental reasons. I hope dear the memories of last Sunday week did not cause you too sad a feeling. Poor old girlie I hate to think of you being left so severely alone with all your troubles.

I have written to Mother and of course mentioned you in despatches. Told her altho’ I knew you must have had a pretty bad time, you had made no mention of your feelings to me. “Open confession is good for the soul” and I wish you had told me all. I have thought of last Wednesday, more especially this evening when we went to the Belgrave. I didn’t enjoy the pictures that night. I think it was a case of the day having been spoilt, for I did not see much of you until the evening owing to the trip to Aunt Nina’s. Do you remember censuring me for not calling to see you before I went out with George to Aunt’s? I didn’t need a second warning though, for I was in early on Thursday morning. Hope I shall not be backward on future occasions.

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