17th September 1915

At sea. Very rough day. Passed H.M.S. Argyll homeward bound from Halifax, bound for Plymouth. Lucky beggars they’ll be on leave in about 48 hours time I expect.

Have not felt at all well today and have gone without food. Work has been a very great trouble and have not done a stroke more than could be helped. Whilst laying down between the acts, you have been in my thoughts, in fact I’ve forced myself to think of you so as to try to take off my mind from my really unpleasant state. Wish the bally sea would calm down a bit. One cannot get any rest at night through the din brought about by the waves breaking over the forecastle, plus falling crockery and utensils of various kinds and sizes. Glad you can’t see me anyhow, for I’m afraid I present a rather woeful appearance. Roll on Halifax.

Clock put back 20 mins.

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