5th June 1916

At Sheerness. This morning at 9-30 a.m. the following was piped:- “Ship will refit this week”. This was cheered, as also was a “pipe” that followed viz:- “All men going on first leave will muster by the Ledger at 12-30 p.m. and give the name of the Station to which they wish to go”.

From about 10 a.m. the hands have been transferring all the ammunition from the magazines to special lighters alongside. This precaution is now taken to avoid foul play in dock.

The S. B. S. asked which leave I wished to go on, and as I thought the second leave would allow me to be home for Jude’s wedding I have arranged for that leave. I have written a long letter to you which will be posted at Plymouth.

12 p.m. The men have just finished getting up the ammunition. I never thought there was so much in the ship.

Just had bath and am off to bed.

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