8th November 1916

At Halifax. Provisioning ship has been in progress all day. Other gear has also been taken aboard – gear that we brought from England on our first trip for use at Bermuda, but which we left behind when we went across with the troops. We have retained the men who are going to Bermuda, so everything points to our going there for the winter.

I wrote to Mother this afternoon, also got half-way through a letter to you but hearing that the next mail does not leave until Friday I stopped.

This evening several boxes of mails for the Leviathan, Drake, etc were taken aboard –  also men for passage to those and other ships now at Bermuda. We are not sorry to find that we are going South for the winter months.

Letters dated Oct. 30th have been received in the ship today, but I have not had any, altho’ I did not expect letters just yet.

The Carnarvon sailed this evening, and there is a rumour about our going out during the night or some time tomorrow. The Carnarvon has got out to meet and escort the ship carrying the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

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