27th February 1917

At Kingston. Still having a very busy time in the Sick Bay and between 50 and 60 cases have to be seen. It is my watch ashore tonight but I have decided to remain aboard and get some photographs done for various people.

Three of us “boys” are on board tonight so we have hatched a plot for Miss Berry’s benefit. One of the favorite songs at her haouse is “Somebody would shout out ‘Shop!'”. So this evening we collected small quantities of tea, sugar, rice, chocolate, chewing gum (she detests this), currants, sultanas, dried apricots, split and green peas, etc. and made them up into little packages. These were placed in a tin and a note enclosed with the following typewritten inscription, “Dear Miss B, I am informed that you have been practising “Shop” rather strenuously of late, in consequence perhaps you would be pleased to accept a few of the necessary articles required to start such a business as you sing about. Respectfully yours, [Censored]”. Outside the tin was a very hard ship’s biscuit wrapped in paper. The whole was then enclosed in brown paper and sealed. The parcel will be sent to Miss B’s tomorrow morning.

The programme for the Concert to be given at the Theatre on shore by our people has been sent to the printer. The proceeds of the Concert will be given to the Red Cross Fund.

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