2nd March 1917

At Kingston. G. Q’s this forenoon. A parcel mail sent in December reached the ship today. As could only be expected after so long most of them were useless, their contents either having perished or suffered considerably throught their handling and I was glad no one sent to me.

A rehearsal for the Concert has been carried out at the Theatre on shore, and the bills are posted up all over the town. Miss B. has booked six seats in the very front row, and she is getting a basket of flowers to present to the best “turn” with a suggestion that the flowers shall be put up for auction on behalf of the Fund. She was going to give a “turn” with one of the “boys” but volunteered after the programme had been sent to the printer.

I went ashore with two of the “boys” at 6-30 p.m. and went to joing three others at Miss B’s. Had singing, dancing, etc. and supper at 9 p.m. Fun went on until 11-15 p.m. when we returned to the Pier, but only two of us came aboard, the others are going to escort Miss B. and her Aunt home, and then remain ashore till morning, as leave has been granted till then.

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