4th March 1917

At Kingston. Captain went “Rounds”. Owing to duties I was not able to attend Morning Service, but went to Holy Communion. One of our Surgeons is sick with dysentery.

I went ashore at 1 p.m. and with two other fellows had a swim and surf-bathe, the sea being rather rough. Afterwards we walked to Miss Berry’s house, pausing on the way to have some ices – they were s’nice too. Arriving at Miss B’s we found them asleep but, soon after, “Auntie” and “Ginger” appeared on the scene. Soon afterwards we had a sumptuous tea, which we particularly enjoyed after having been in the water.

After tea we had some fun with Ginger’s camera taking snaps of the fellows in various rigs, also a photo of “Auntie”, “Ginger” and Granddad. Next we had a spiritualistic seance, “table-rapping” being the medium. Miss B. is a great believer in this kind of thing and seems to have special command of “spirits”. Amongst questions serious, business, humorous and otherwise, Miss B. asked if and when I was going to marry, also if I had met the girl. The first and last questions were answered affirmatively and the second, in four years time – so your “ten years from today if fine” is a wash-out, Mabs.

Miss B. also asked if all at home were well; the answer was “Yes”. Questions were also asked at my request about Jude, if she was at home yet being answered negatively; if she would go home this month, affirmatively. We had quite a remarkable and mystifying time with the “spirits”, and it left me just a bit mystified and credulous.

The evening went quickly by and soon 9-15 p.m. and the time for leaving came. As there are rumours about going to sea tomorrow for firing exercises lasting two days, we wished the folks goodbye for the present. Returned on board.

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