26th March 1917

At Bermuda. The painters are in! The Sick Bay is to be painted for the third time in 16 months, for what reason I know not, but certainly not because it needed doing. The Admiralty Orders are that it is to be done every 2 years, but apparently this Order is elastic-like, and so stretched on occasions. Anyhow it is a jolly nuisance for reasons you can well guess.

I had to take another case to Hospital this morning. The Staff are getting rather “fed up” with my frequent trips I think, for they greet me with such unhappy words. Today they said “That’s the sixth case you have brought up, when are you going to finish?” My reply was “What did you take one of our Staff for, to do nothing”.

This afternoon I went to see our Boys “Soccer team” playing the Isis boys. It proved to be a good game, but the Isis boys were far too good and won by 3 to 1.

The steamer with the mails arrived unexpectedly tonight – much to our happy surprise. I have received a letter from you dated Mar. 5th so that one has not been long in coming – only 3 weeks anyhow. You have written one of your good long, happy old-timers, apparently because you had received three letters from me. Well, it’s a good job you “buck up” like this occasionally, else I should think you were really hopelessly “in the dumps”.

The painters worked until 9 p.m. – by the way, they are negroes.

Since writing the foregoing, further letters have come to hand. There is one from you dated the 25th Feb – quite a cheery one; one from Jude dated Mar. 1st and written from No. 82 – how glad I was to see this; the other is from Ma dated the 5th Mar. All the letters are such happy ones – here’s another one come, from Ma again, dated Feb. 25th. Ma says Jude has grown and is fatter and such a buxom wench. Pity Joe wasn’t able to stay longer though, and I’m thinking the old chap will miss her terribly and I’m sure he will get a bad cold, ahem! Ma informs me of her new tenants – hope they will prove a happier pairthan their predecessors.

I must say this bunch of letters is the happiest I have received for a long time, and I feel quite “bucked” again.

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