11th June 1917

At Plymouth. Returned on board at noon. On arrival aboard I saw one of the “Boys” – Remmos, Lance Corpl. – about to leave for Headquarters with four other marines. They are going to armed merchant steamers. Am sorry this fellow is going for he had been a great chum during our adventures at Jamaica, Bermuda and New York. Good luck to him.

I am informed that a telegram came for Captain on Saturday night. He was ashore at the time so officers were sent to look for him as the telegram was an order for him to proceed to the Admiralty. Captain went to London early Sunday morning. We are wondering what he has gone there for, orders I fancy for the coming trip and escort duties. No leave can be granted until he returns on board this evening.

There are no orders about going to sea yet (2-15 p.m.). Ratings have come on board for passage to Bermuda and the Carnarvon, so I suppose we are bound for Halifax.

Captain has returned aboard (3-45) and leave has been granted till 7 a.m. tomorrow so I shall be able to come along with you tonight after all. I hope this sort of “putting off” goes on for some time for I want to see you a great deal after all the lack of opportunity during the past months.

4-30 p.m. Going ashore now.

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